So a year ago today I made the best decision I could have ever made for my life. That decision was to have gastric bypass. I have since lost 110+ pounds and I am still counting. It’s truly amazing to me how much I have changed in a year.

More than just appearances have changed. My life is truly so much better than it was last year. A year ago I would stay in bed for days/weeks at a time and never leave my apartment. Now days you can’t keep me inside for more than a few hours. I always have to be going somewhere and doing something.

I’m also on my way to a college degree that I can be proud. I finally feel like things are falling into place for me and I trace everything back to this surgery. If you’ve been around me pre surgery and post surgery than you know how much I’ve changed. I finally feel like me again! 

I have been declared a perfectly healthy 23 year old girl by my doctors and nothing in the world makes me happier. 

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